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Dear Hetty

It has been almost a year to the day since we spoke on the phone about my very dire concern for our rescue dog Hazel.

Hazel has always been a little different and we have always kept a close eye her as she stresses about the littlest of things. What started out as another strange behaviour one evening quickly escalated into a do or die situation.

Hazel has always come into our bedroom at night to sleep with her fur brother Elliott. One evening she became very stressed about entering our room and would not get on her bed. When we finally convinced her to do so she would lie down only to yelp and jump up running for the door.  This behaviour was repeated on several occasions.

We then noted that she would no longer lay down at all. As soon as she attempted to she would quickly jump up and run as if the devil himself was after her. This extraordinary behaviour continued for at least a week. The poor girl was living on limited sleep. To the point that we were taking her down to the dam and holding her in our arms in the water so as in a weightless state she could relax and get some sleep. Naturally this is not something that we were going to be able to maintain on a long term basis.

Day by day we were watching our girl die by degree. She is a slight framed dog at the best of times now she looked like a skeleton. I had come to the conclusion that we would be taking her to the vet in the next 24 hours to have her put to rest as what she was going through appeared to have severely traumatised her and i didn’t think she would come back.

Then in stepped Jill: our neighbour from up on the hill. She told me about Hetty and her group.

I jumped on the phone and gave Hetty a call. She told me that she believed that she and her group would be able to assist. Now we live in Benalla and Hetty is way off up near Yass. That is about 7 hours drive from our home. How was all this going to work……Telepathically….. yes telepathically. To say I sceptical would have been an understatement. However when you are faced with the possibility of losing your pet as we were, you will try anything. Hetty told me that the group would commence work on her that evening and we should start to see an improvement in the next day. This was the Thursday night. On the Friday evening we were to to be going away for the evening for a Christmas event (2014)

Hazel by this time had been awake for some 36 hours. She looked like a bag of bones and was totally depressed. I had confirmed with my husband that on Monday morning we would be saying our last good bye and bless our little girl into a nicer life.

We went off to our event and returned on Saturday morning, sure that Hazel would be no better……HOW TOTALLY AND UTTERLY WRONG WE WERE. If there is such a thing as a miracle WELL one was waiting for us at the gate. Our little girl was lying near our front gate, looking like she had slept the night away, her head held up and bright, her giant smile on her face with her tongue lolling to one side and her tail thumping on the ground.

She immediately jumped up (not out of fear) out of joy to welcome us home. Hazey Boo was back. From that day on she has been her best as normal. She no longer likes to sleep inside preferring to sleep on her bed outside. She sits down and sleeps at any given opportunity and has put all of her weight back on.

The funniest was yet to come. We have some loverly neighbours who are very much black and white. A spade is a spade. they too had seen the state that Hazel was in and knew that we were considering having her put down. They called over that Sunday night and when they saw Hazel asked “What had we done to get her right” When i told them they were gob smacked. Totally and utterly gob smacked. After much explaining the only answer they could come up with was “ Well Ill be darned – seeing truly is believing – If I hadn’t of seen this with my own eyes I would never have believed it”

So if you think your furry baby is beyond help think again. Hetty and her team of wonderful people are the answer to your prayers.

Kindest regards  Jackii Rayner


A while back, I was in touch with Hetty, when I was going through a serious medical issue, resulting in my being unable to give my horses the attention they usually have. One of my Twin geldings was very depressed and sad, standing away from his pals and showing a lethargic hassled very unhappy horse, hardly grazing.

I gave Hetty the name, ages and breeds of my 5 horses and no other details.

To my amazement when she called me back a few days later she described each and every one of my horses in character and personality. (info that I hadn’t given to her).

She explained that Praze my sad gelding, was the one who sensed my feelings and moods the most. He knew I was undergoing serious health conditions, and that my life was in a bit of a turmoil and that we also had our property on the market – so planning to move interstate.

Hetty and her group gave all my horses a distance treatment and I couldn’t believe eyes when the very next morning I saw a different horse – Praze.

He wasn’t jumping with joy BUT he was back with his group, ears forward, head down eating, and running to me when called.

Hetty told me to tell him that when we moved, was coming ofcause. I went straight out and told them they were all coming too!

The information she gave me on the others also helped with decisions needed on managing them. eg my 28 year mare saying she was now getting tired, and would soon to be ready to move on.

12 months later (Nov 2015). So thankful was I of Hetty’s support, that after my health situation improved, I decided to improve my own skills at working with my horses and dogs, and now am an animal reiki practitioner!

But that doesn’t mean I will no longer be asking Hetty for further support. In fact we are now packed and moving to Tasmania.

My 8 yr mare has been most unsettled, so have again asked for Hetty’s skills.

Jill Cawsey