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About Us

Rodger and I (Hetty) live on a 116 acre property in Gunning NSW. At the moment we have 11 horses consisting of 3 retired Thoroughbred, a Warmblood mare, a Shetland pony, a miniature pony, two stock horse mares, a Standardbred x Andalusian mare and her young son, and a Thoroughbred mare that I ride. We also have beef cattle, dogs, cats and chickens.

I have been around horses for most of my life and have owned many horses. I started in the Pony Club with my quarter horse gelding ‘Gerolem Marko’ completing my certificates and attending many Gymkhanas and Pony Club events. From there I started attending shows with my new horse ‘Robaire Santermano’ a part bred Arabian. Together we competed in many events such as rider classes, dressage, led events, hacking and breed classes. We were very successful and attended Royal and A Grade events and shows. Later I competed successfully with other horses in dressage, led events, hacking and breed classes.

I have started and trained horses and also bred some very successful show horses.

Rodger and I are currently developing our skills in natural horsemanship which we have found to be a very successful addition to our existing training methods. Using these methods we have rehabilitated many horses that have been badly treated or neglected. We have come across a lot of different breeds and temperaments, some of whom were very misunderstood and badly abused. These horses took time and patience to heal and have taught us so very much.

Between us we have attended training in business management, esoteric healing, aromatherapy, clinical herbalism, nutrition, reiki, massage, natural therapies, animal communication and care, telepathy, meridian and chakra balancing, communication and energy balancing.

I have done track work at the race course, worked on studs, worked with mares, stallions and foals as well as spent time working on agistment centres. I have also owned and operated a saddlery.

Together we are continually learning and researching animal behaviour, welfare and training methods to support our work. We attend courses to support and develop ourselves as individuals and healers. We both feel that you can never know enough. We have been using our skills to help heal people and animals for the past 8 years and have had some very amazing and successful results.

Rodger and I look forward to meeting you and your companion one day.

Our Philosophy

Our mission is to provide loving care to all animals, to aid their healing and provide relief from pain and discomfort. We aim to bring healing back to where it belongs ‘with everybody’. We need to all learn to use positive behaviour and communication as they are expressions of energy and are crucial to learning to understand others. Animals can be our teachers and very often they lead us on a path of discovery that we would not have embarked on without them in our lives.

My path has been the discovery of ways to promote natural healing. There is nothing new about natural healthcare after all, until conventional medicine became available, it was all that there was. Natural healthcare is seeking ways to treat the whole being, instead of working within the confines of a narrow symptomatic approach to healthcare.

Modern medicines have fast and direct actions on the body. They can produce side effects that are at best unwanted and at worst trigger further problems. We need to realise that a healthy mind makes a healthy body. Alternative medicine works to address the various factors involved in ill health, be that physical or mental, because they can influence the whole being. They work holistically.

Natural medicines may take a little longer to take effect because they are working to encourage the body’s natural healing system. They do not have added ingredients.

We believe that both modalities can exist side by side and learn from each other. To do this well they must acknowledge their limitations.

We also believe that animals can teach you what you need to learn. They can even help you to meet the people who will enable you to find what you are looking for. It is important to always remain open to new input and be aware of how energy permeates your world. Animals have their own specific kinds of behaviour that are a part of their intrinsic nature. There are species specific behaviours that are related to the way that the animal has evolved to survive. Their activities are an adopted form of natural and instinctive behaviour to assist them finding, hunting and gathering food, grooming themselves and others, reproduction, maintaining their territory and their social interaction. Animals do not ‘just do things’ especially without reason. It is surprising just how far an animal will go to avoid pain be that physical or emotional.

Lastly, please live every moment because the journey you are experiencing is a precious one. Open up to energy and natural healing to their richness, magic and appreciate the simple wonders in life. The path you tread will both amaze and delight you.